Versatility, ingenuity, diversified talent – one of the many ways to describe the artistry and prowess of DJ/VJ Groovy Lu. Born and raised in Echo Park Los Angeles, Groovy Lu’s musical journey began at an early age under the guidance of a close family member. Under his wing, Groovy Lu learned the ways of the turntable and more importantly the art of music programming. More than15 years ago, Lu vividly recalls purchasing his first set of turntables which was a significant moment as it proved this was an artistic journey he wanted to further explore. While mastering the art of Turtablism, Lu has continually strived to push the envelope crossing both audio and visual spectrums as a VJ (video jock).  With his multi-genre background and unique style of execution, it is no surprise Groovy Lu has landed some of the most reputable gigs for both Television and Movies as well as some of the most exclusive country clubs and organizations in southern California. With clients such as CBS and FOX Searchlight, it is no wonder Groovy Lu is a featured artist on amongst LA’s top industry leaders on With a deep-rooted background in vinyl, he understand the pace the digital world is working under and refuses to work any slower. With all the recent and contemporary methods of mixing music and video, Groovy Lu has not forgotten the moments that have led him to his still active and successful career. The range in his LP library, the energy he embraces, the reputation he carefully crafted and above all his respect for keeping the authenticity of music alive, has led him to become a household name in Los Angeles.